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Are you ready to take control of your income and help serve your community, in a growing market in high demand? If so, then this will be the most helpful message you’ve ever read.

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The most COMPREHENSIVE training specific to helping clients downsize available anywhere!

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From start to finish, each step in building your business from scratch is covered. Suitable for experienced organizers and brand new aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

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Make a difference in your income by helping those who need it most in your community. Make your own schedule and get the flexibility you need to make “life work” for you!

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a new career or becoming your own boss or finding more meaning in your work? Or possibly even having the recent experience of downsizing your own parents.

As a Downsizing PRO who found this career through the needs of family myself, I understand the desire to help others with my skills and talents. Most importantly, it’s very rewarding to help other families avoid the stresses and pitfalls of trying to downsize their parent’s living situation and move to retirement living.

That is why I am excited to introduce you to our exclusive Downsizing PRO course designed specifically for you to learn the entire business building secrets of finding clients, helping them step-by-step, what tools and resources you’ll need, and how to successfully manage your business profitably. Our team of coaches specializes in helping families navigate the downsizing process with ease and efficiency.

From finding the perfect clients to the process of decluttering and organizing their belongings, and even assisting with scheduling the entire move on their behalf, our Downsizing PRO course is here to help you make the transition to becoming a PRO as smooth as possible.


What sets our Downsizing PRO course and coaching services apart from the rest is our business building approach. As a professionally practicing Downsizing PRO and a licensed practicing real estate professional and Estate Solutions PRO, we understand that every student has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their business.

That is why we take the time to get to know you and create a customized Success plan that fits you, where you are in your business building journey, lifestyle and budget.

Remember, this course covers EVERYTHING you need to become a legal, functioning Downsizing PRO, fully up & running as an official business, not just a compilation of “Downsizing tips” to use. It takes some time to make it all happen but that can be accomplished in a very well-timed and orderly fashion with our guidance.

Whether you are looking to improve your downsizing offer in your current business to starting from scratch or maybe taking what has been a hobby helping family & friends to a full-fledged business, we have the expertise to help you build from where you are to where you want to be.

Our team has access to a wide range of experiences that actively cater to Baby Boomers and seniors looking to simplify their lives without compromising on comfort and style.

Best of all, as a student of Downsizing PRO, you’ll become a member of our directory of PRO’s hosted right here on this site.

In addition to helping you build your business, we also offer a variety of resources to help you be equipped with everything you need to perform like a PRO. From tools and supplies to contracts, documents, checklists, and invoices, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Let us make starting or growing your downsizing consultant business a breeze so you can focus on helping the seniors in your community transition to senior living or downsizing worry free and the personal satisfaction that comes with it.

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business or service for someone else.


Now’s the time to reward yourself and take control of your career situation.


  • As soon as you enroll you will receive immediate access to our online learning center.
  • Your online course includes video lessons and resources prepared by Diane Levenson – an expert in the field.
  • You can review them anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.
  • You will complete a test at the end of each section to evaluate your comprehension of the material.
  • When you complete the course and corresponding tests you will become a Certified Downsizing PRO.
  • NO application or testing fees.
  • NO yearly certification or franchise fees.
  • NO continuing educational requirements to maintain.
  • Complete course – yours to keep and reference at any time – It’s all here!


    1. The essentials of being a PRO, including learning how to effectively communicate with seniors
    2. Instruction in how to get started, where to find work and how to price your jobs
    3. What tools and supplies you will need
    4. Basic information about identifying antiques and collectibles and how to find buyers for these items
    5. The methodology to downsizing clients
    6. How to pack and unpack households professionally
    7. How to clear out estates
    8. PDF versions of the contracts, forms and letters you will need to run your business
    9. BONUS CLASS – How to Start a Business – a step-by-step guide to setting up a business
      And much more!


    – Upon completion of the class you will receive Certification as a Downsizing PRO

    – FREE profile on the Downsizing PRO’s website to help people find you

    – Access to periodic group ZOOM sessions with Diane Levenson (no charge)

    – Access to individual coaching with course creator Diane Levenson (for a fee)

    – Exclusive Downsizing PRO merchandise

    “I have been in the downsizing, packing, organizing business for many years and I found Downsizing Pro to be a very useful program for anyone going into the business or just wanting to learn a way to downsize themselves or organize and pack when they are moving to a new home or retirement community. The content was very inclusive and easy to understand. Diane goes into great detail not only for the actual work of downsizing, packing, and clearing out estates but for those want to start their own business. She gives you the information you will need to know from getting started all the way through including the business side. I would highly recommend purchasing Downsizing Pro.”

    Marcy Kidd

    Manager, Transition Solutions for Seniors

    I highly recommended Downsizing Pro to anyone looking to learn how to help aging family members or starting their own downsizing business. Diane’s valuable business advice, combined with her years of experience provide insightful coaching and step by step guidance to ensure your success. I appreciated her honesty and tips for working with clients.  I will be able to use this information in many aspects of life and business.”

    Erin Santiago

    Downsizing PRO Member

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