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What is a Downsizing PRO?

A Downsizing PRO is a professional organizer with specialized expertise in assisting individuals aged 55 and older in the process of downsizing and decluttering their residences as they transition to retirement homes.

Functioning as a senior relocation specialist, the Downsizing PRO excels in meticulously packing and unpacking homes, proficiently managing the myriad of intricacies inherent in the relocation process.

In addition to facilitating seamless transitions, a PRO extends their services to families facing the challenging task of clearing out a residence following a bereavement or a move to a nursing home. Profoundly skilled in orchestrating the sale and distribution of household items, the PRO ensures a comprehensive and compassionate approach to managing the logistical aspects of these situations.

A Certified Downsizing PRO has successfully undergone a comprehensive course of study and has demonstrated proficiency through a series of examinations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of all facets associated with the downsizing process.

Downsizing and the Silver Tsunami

You might be asking who needs the service of a downsizer.

The short answer – Baby Boomers.

As the baby boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) reaches retirement age and beyond, a notable surge in the elderly population is anticipated. Approximately 12,000 Americans transition into the 65-and-over age group daily and this trend is expected to continue for the next several decades.

By the year 2040, it is forecasted that the population of individuals aged 65 and older will encompass 80 million Americans. This “tsunami” metaphor suggests the overwhelming impact this demographic shift can have on various aspects of society, including retirement living. In a recent poll, more than 50% of baby boomers said they were strongly considering moving to a senior living community within the next four to five years.

Consequently, the need for downsizing services and specialized expertise in senior relocation cannot be overstated. By seizing the opportunity to engage
in this burgeoning field, one stands poised to assume a leadership role within this industry. The time to embark on this endeavor is now.

Everything You Need To Start A Senior Downsizing Business At Your Fingertips!

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Everything you need to be a PRO!

  • Downsizing essentials step by step
  • How to communicate with seniors
  • Geting started
  • Where to find work and how to price your jobs
  • The tools & supplies you need
  • Learn how to identify antiques & collectibles and where to find buyers
  • Complete methodology to downsizing clients
  • How to pack & unpack households professionally
  • The right way to clean out estates
  • Contracts, forms, letters you need to run your business included
  • BONUS – How to start a business training step by step

Coaching & Support

We are committed to your success. Coaching and community is available to all Certified Downsizing PRO’s. 

“I have been in the downsizing, packing, organizing business for many years and I found Downsizing Pro to be a very useful program for anyone going into the business or just wanting to learn a way to downsize themselves or organize and pack when they are moving to a new home or retirement community. The content was very inclusive and easy to understand. Diane goes into great detail not only for the actual work of downsizing, packing, and clearing out estates but for those want to start their own business. She gives you the information you will need to know from getting started all the way through including the business side. I would highly recommend purchasing Downsizing Pro.”

Marcy Kidd

Manager, Transition Solutions for Seniors

I highly recommended Downsizing Pro to anyone looking to learn how to help aging family members or starting their own downsizing business. Diane’s valuable business advice, combined with her years of experience provide insightful coaching and step by step guidance to ensure your success. I appreciated her honesty and tips for working with clients.  I will be able to use this information in many aspects of life and business.”

Erin Santiago

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